Municipality of Parga
Our Homeland
Our Homeland

The Municipality of Parga is the most touristic Municipality of Epirus and one of the top destinations in Greece with a global impact. The beauties which nature endowed Parga in combination with its unique historical and mythological elements make the place a pole of attraction and interest for thousands of visitors every year. Parga is located in the northwest of the country near the port of Igoumenitsa and very close to the airports of Aktio and Ioannina and next to the roads of Egnatia and the Ionian Road and give the opportunity for very easy access for anyone wishing to visit.

The Municipality of Parga consists of two geographical units, one dominated by the beautiful and picturesque city of Parga and the other Fanari with the mythical Acheron River, the Necromancer and the wonderful beaches. Charming, unique, mysterious, with a long history and a variety of natural beauties.

Parga impresses the visitor! It is built in the shadow of the Venetian castle and is clearly influenced by the Ionian architecture that gives it a special picturesque its landscape in the light and the beautiful beaches in the deep blue of the Ionian Sea provide an unforgettable experience. The beaches of Kryoneri, Piso Kryoneri (within the settlement of Parga), Valtos and Sarakiniko in the west, Lichnos and Ai Giannakis in the east with their crystal clear waters are suitable for swimming and sea activities.

In the Venetian castle that dominates the city of Parga the visitor lives the ultimate experience over the vast Ionian Sea. Main attractions are the castle of Ali Pasha in Anthousa, the ecclesiastical museum in the city center, the church of Agios Nikolaos, the Monastery of Agia Vlacherna, many churches and picturesque alleys which give Parga the characteristics of an island city with land access.

Near Parga at 15 to 30 km, in the geographical unit of Fanari, dominates the mythical river of souls Acheron, which has been recorded in the world consciousness as the river of souls through the stories of Homer. Necromantio ( the oracle of the dead ), a place of worship where the ancients came to meet the souls of the Dead. In the area of Acheron the visitor can experience a truly wonderful journey, in the myth and in the uniqueness of the natural environment, with nature-loving sports activities in the Sources of the river such as hiking in the straits, rafting, kayaking, extreme sports and horseback riding.

At the estuary there is the possibility for boating in Acheron on the route followed by the mythical Odysseus. Wonderful beaches are Ammoudia, the beach of Loutsa, Alonaki, Skala and the Bay of Odysseus.

The Municipality of Parga can offer complete tourist services of exceptional level that will give the visitor a unique travel experience.

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